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 Meet the Liggett’s


Meet Ryan our Cowboy Specialist (named the Cowboy Specialist by our 5 year old Rein).  Know that he would not refer to himself this way.  He is the reason that all of us live in the western lifestyle. 

Actually, the blog name was entirely Rein’s idea, coupled with inspiration from all the writing our son, Cinch, did his 5th Grade year.

Hi, I’m Bridget, the wife of this cowboy, married into the horse and leather world in May of 2005, only to find out the next year and 8 sinus infections later, that I’m allergic to horses (or Ryan lol).  There were only 56 horses on his Arkansas Ranch at the time.  

Nonetheless, a horse life is what this family of four live-with some medication on the side.

Our Family

Blessed is the man whose strength is in you. Psalm 84:5

The Cowboy

Ryan is a writer, rider, roper, saddle maker, leather craftsman, artist, business owner, teacher, ordain minister, word and silversmith.  In addition, he went to horseshoeing, saddle making and auctioneering school.  He also has a degree in Agriculture Science, but his passion is horses and anything that has to do with them.   He hopes we can help you spend more time enjoying your horses and less time obsessing about them.

The Wife

Bridget (that’s me) is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, counselor, artist, business owner, dancer, volleyball player, swimmer and list maker.  I could have been a career student.  I loved college and everything about it.  Go Gorloks!  I have two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Studio Art.  I played four years of college volleyball.  In addition, I have a masters degree in counseling and school counseling certification.  I grew up in the country.  My family always owned horses, however I loved them from a distance.  Every time I got on one there was a mishap, which usually hurt my body or my pride.  So, while Ryan’s passion is leather, silver and horses, mine is western living, fashion, country life and finding simplicity.

So together, our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire, while sharing the adventures of our crazy western life. 

Ryan & Bridget Liggett of Cowboy Specialist


Our mission here at CowboySpecialist.com is pretty pure and rustic–to encourage and support those people who love the country western life by making it uncomplicated and simple.

We do this by providing common sense solutions for everyday living—from building courage, saving money, enjoying our horses and kids, and mucking in the barn, to taking care of your horses, animals, home, ranch and closet!  We want you to spend more time enjoying your ranch life and less time obsessing about it.




Ranch and Farm life is really busy and chaotic.  Find some tips on taking care of your tack and saddles.  Learn some new horse hacks or check out the latest supplements and treats for your animals.

Keep it Simple

All to often we overthink and over complicate the simplest aspects in our life.  Here is to inspiration and enjoyment and less obsessing.


The Missouri Ozarks is actually our home location!  We live, play, work and ride along the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers.  It is a beautiful area to visit and explore.  We hope you would want to come see us in the store and enjoy our wonderful outdoors.  There are lots of things to do.

Western Living

Think Western!  Western is an idea, a theme and a way of life.  Find everything from meals to home decor, products on the trend or made in america.  We want to keep you up to date on the latest fashion trends and the always in classics.  You will also find family friendly activities and outdoor fun!

Shop Talk

Do you want to know the ins and outs of the Shop?  The Shop I’m referring too, is the actual workshop where we build and create our custom products.  Its also where we hash out our latest plans and review products new to the market.  When it comes to confessions, you just don’t know what may be on the list of topics for a day at the shop.  We hope you enjoy our banter.


At C&L Saddles and Lucky Six Outfitters, we pride ourselves in both our custom & handmade quality products & our partners products by providing common sense education and the ultimate friendly buying experience. We don’t just have customers we have friends. Remember you don’t have to buy anything to come visit.

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