Today’s Five Favorite Things: Week 1

Today's Five Favorite Things Week 1

Five Things Making Me Really Happy This Week

1) Farm Fresh Eggs

Who doesn’t love cracking a brown or speckled egg first thing in the morning.  I know I do and so does my husband.  Farm fresh eggs are creamier than the ones in the store.

2) 80 lbs of Hamburger

And making freezer meals.  We have froze browned burger, taco meat, hamburger patties and 2 lb raw frozen bags.  Bring on the fall-We’ve got this. (Plus, these are great on those nights we are stuck at the shop late.)

3) Sweet Corn

I put ten ears in the pressure cooker on 3 minutes cook time.  (It takes about 20 actual minutes.)  They come out perfect and they stay nice and hot if you have to wait on your crew to come out of the back field for supper.

4) Twisted X Driving Mocs

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about all the amazing new styles this fall.  They are hot this year and as always so comfortable.  You can check them out at

5) The River

The other day it was 105 degrees with a heat index of 110 in southern Missouri.  The river was and is definitely where I wanted to be.  Spring feed river water is all I need.

Hopefully some of these things can make you happy too!  Enjoy!

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