Making a silver cuff bracelet: Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

Do you know what it looks like when someone is hand engraving a metal piece?  How do they get those bright cuts and designs?  Well, you are in for a treat!

A typical day at the shop consists of making leather goods and silver products.  Often, Ryan is at the jewelry bench working on silver.  Today he was finishing up some Christmas orders: 5 bracelets and a silver ring.

Cutting Western Bright Cuts

In this video you will see Ryan cutting in some western bright cuts on the end of a silver cuff bracelet.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the shop making some jewelry.  Also, If you would like to see some finished products you can check them out here as well:

Star Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Floral Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Spur Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Making A Silver Cuff Bracelet by Hand Engraving

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