The 7 Biggest Mistakes All Online Business Owners Make

Ever wonder what you are doing wrong in your online business? Are you holding on to the myths that the establishment has set? Keep reading if you want to hear the 7 biggest online business mistakes you and I are probably making. The 7 Biggest Mistakes All Bloggers Make (and how to avoid them in … Read more

Ready To Start Your Own Business

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not seeing any room for growth? Or maybe you want to get out of debt, but you can’t make the money work out with your current job? Maybe you are ready to start your own business? Start Your Own Business When you start your own business … Read more

Thinking about blogging and just don’t know where to start? What is blog organization? Well, organization is the first step to a successful blog! So, how do you organize a new blog? How I organized my blog I’m going to cut straight to the chase! I used a “Blog Structure Blueprint“, which I am going … Read more

Do It Scared Book Review

Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup is an amazing playbook of how fear is entangled in our everyday thoughts and life. It is a heartfelt look into the life of a successful business woman who is bearing all her fears and failures for us so we can learn beside her how to overcome them. Through … Read more

Face Your Fears and Do It Scared

Why should you face your fears? Because, we don’t want to live with regrets ya’ll! Which, is why we should want to face our fears head on even if we have to do it scared. Some of the links below are affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking … Read more

How I made my first $40 online

Do you want to make money online? Have you been blogging for a while? Or maybe you have just been thinking about what this blogging thing is all about. Maybe you are looking for a sideline or a retirement plan. Well, that is what I did. I said it was my three year plan, this … Read more

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Well, this is about one of the days (besides marriage, babies and becoming a Gigi) that changed my life forever. And it was a profoundly huge day in my personal and business life… TWO years ago today, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. I felt completely stuck and was … Read more

Start Blogging Now

I’ve been asked several times, so how did you get started blogging Bridget? So, I decided it was probably time to tell my story! Here goes… The Random Email Feeling completing out of control in my home world, toys everywhere, clothes on the floor and the kitchen a wreck…lets not even talk about the laundry … Read more

Join the C&L Affiliate Program!

Want to earn extra Money? How to join the C&L affiliate program and start making money now! In the past year I started doing affiliate marketing on my blog Cowboy Specialist through other online marketers and then had an epiphany! I need to turn our online shop into an affiliate as well. So, keep reading … Read more

Write For Cowboy Specialist

Are you a horse person who loves to write or share your knowledge? Or do you love every thing western? Well, you just might be our next guest writer! Cowboy Specialist has decided to start excepting guest posts from other horse lovers, bloggers, website owners and influencers through social medias. And, we would love for … Read more

Skip these mistakes and Take Control of your Business Dreams

You Control Your Business Dreams With all businesses come successes and failures, some big and some small.  Our adventure owning a business in the Western Industry has brought us just that, success and failure.  We hope you can skip these mistakes and take control of your business dreams. The C&L Saddle Adventure My husband has … Read more

Time to make the old new again...Part 2...distressed paint.

Making the old new again Lucky six outfitters has been busy getting ready for the season!  First they decided to refurbish the old metal boot outside the shop.  They got so many compliments that they decided to paint some more.   I thought you might like to see their first attempt at antiquing  furniture or … Read more

All in a Days Work

 The Busy Season With summer and trail ride season coming to a start, things here at the shop are about to get crazy.  Some weeks we will work morning to night for up to 12 days in a row.  And at times things can get pretty hectic around the shop. Selling in the store (C&L … Read more

Time to make the old new again

Fresh and New It is that time of year again, during the spring and summer, when we like to take time to spiffy up the barn or arena, beautify our homes and refresh our businesses.  It is the time of year that we like things to be fresh and new. Now that it is starting … Read more