DIY Blog Organization Is Easier Than You Think

Thinking about blogging and just don’t know where to start? What is blog organization? Well, organization is the first step to a successful blog! So, how do you organize a new blog?

How I organized my blog

I’m going to cut straight to the chase! I used a “Blog Structure Blueprint“, which I am going to give you the link for. The exact blog structure blueprint that I used to build Cowboy Specialist and the exact one I am using to build the structure on my new blog idea.

It is great, all you have to do is fill in the holes after you do a little brain storming. For instance:

Blog Organization Example

Blog Name: Cowboy Specialist

Tag Line: Modern Western Life Made Simple

Then the fun part…making the categories for what you want to write about! And, if you decide along the way that you have evolved it is pretty simple to make adjustments along the way. For example, when we started I didn’t realize how much I would write about where we are located, so I added the category “Ozarks” which is where I put all those posts 😉

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I think it is okay to use your name for your blog too. My next idea is actually going to be BridgetLiggett.com…and maybe the tag line should be “fear is a liar”….and I might just talk about anxiety too. We shall see 😉

Live without regrets ya’ll,

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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