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Are you a horse person who loves to write or share your knowledge? Or do you love every thing western? Well, you just might be our next guest writer!

Cowboy Specialist has decided to start excepting guest posts from other horse lovers, bloggers, website owners and influencers through social medias. And, we would love for you to join up with us!

Learn about us here:

New? Welcome to Cowboy Specialist…Start Here!

You don’t have to be a blogger and you don’t have to have written before! We are just looking for interested individuals who would love to share their knowledge with our readers.

So, if you have an idea or an inspiration that you would like to share, we would love for you to pitch it to us! Email us at [email protected] or if you would like to write something but your not sure what we can brainstorm an idea together…just shoot us an email!

Doing a Guest Post is a great way to see if you might like this “Blogging Thing”, too! 😉

Unfortunately, guest writers are not paid, but we would love for you to include links to your blog, website or social media handles in an author bio at the end of your post! (And reach thousands of readers.) Its a win/win!

Looking to make some extra money…You might also be interested in our very own affiliate program as well! Our Shop is C&L Saddles and here is our affiliate link.

Contact Me! So, Let’s get started working together! Just email me your ideas at [email protected] and tell me a little about yourself. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Seriously would love to work with you!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

PS If you have a product or service you would like to promote on our blog we have sponsored post opportunities too!!!

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