How To Cure Arthritis Pain & Swelling

Let me start by saying that I am not a doctor. This is how I cured my symptoms of arthritis in my hands and feet. It totally worked for me and I hope it will work for you as well! However, know that I’m not sure it will work for everyone, but I sure hope it does.

First off, I have arthritis in the joints of my right hand. When it flares up they hurt and throb. They swell and my knuckles grow knots on them. In addition, I have a huge calcium deposit on my right foot from a past broken bone. And let me tell you when it rains, it hurts or when I run, which I like to do.

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How I cured the pain, swelling and growth of arthritis


First, I eliminated gluten from my diet. What is gluten you might ask? Well, it is bread or grain products. Now did I like eliminating these things from my diet. No! But did my swelling and pain and growth go down. Yes!


The first time I tried eliminating gluten from my diet to get rid of arthritis I had been soda free for over a year. So the elimination diet worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I had a tragedy in my family and fell off the wagon and stress ate and drank diet sodas again. Within a few weeks my arthritis came back with a vengeance and in new fingers.

I immediately started to eliminate gluten from my diet. The last time the pain, swelling and growth had went away within a week, but this time it wasn’t working quite as well. Then a friend mentioned if I had thought about the diet soda. I hadn’t thought of it, but she was right! Thanks Misty!

After I eliminated the aspartame filled drinks and the gluten products like round one, round two worked like a charm too.


The moral of the story

If you would like to be pain, swelling and joint growth free eliminate gluten and aspartame form your diet. Seriously, you should notice a significant improvement within 7 days, if not be pain free.

I’m also not going to lie and tell you it is easy, but it is worth it. I’m also not going to tell you that I don’t cheat from time to time. But, as long as I stay moderately steady with those two rules, the arthritis stays under control.

In addition, if you have a flareup the essential oil Panaway is amazing at relieving the pain! Just an extra tip!


Most of what I have read suggests eliminating sugar as well to prevent swelling. However, if I just eat sugar in moderation I seem to do okay. But, if the other two eliminations don’t work for you, you might try eliminating sugar as well.

I hope we can cure arthritis together. Good luck you all!


Bridget – the cowboy wife

PS I also wear copper ūüėČ

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