How to teach your children the art of Modern Business…with an egg.

Kid Business

Are you an entrepreneur or maybe would like to be? Would you like your kids to understand the art of business?  A real kid business It happens to be a great skill to have whether they grow up to work for someone else or for them self.  So, this is a step by step of how we started teaching our kids about business.  It started with an egg.

Step by Step

1. The first step I took was setting up a place to keep the chickens.  No need to get the cart before the horse.  Plus our kids love to build things so this was a great activity for them.  You can by kits to hold just a few chickens if you are limited in space.

2.  We had a discussion about what kind of chickens they needed to raise.  To simplify the process I picked 5 breeds for them to research.  I did this so they could decide on egg color, laying capacity, and longevity.  They did their own research on the computer to decide.


3.  Once they made their decision we weighted the reasons for their decision.  I did this because I wanted them to learn to make sound decisions.

4. Next, we discussed how many we needed to get the number of eggs we wanted.

5. We ordered our chicks!  We love Cackle Hatchery 🙂

How To Teach The Art of Modern Business with an egg.

6.  We raised our chickens.  We actually started them in the boys bedroom under a heat lamp.  Shortly after we moved them to our shop basement under a heat lamp.  Once they got big enough we moved them into the outdoor chicken house and pen.

7.  Business Name: While we were raising up our chickens, the boys had fun coming up with a their business name (Liggett Boy Eggs).

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8. In addition, our 12 year old built a simple website (check out weebly.com) to advertise that they were selling eggs and they designed business cards to hand out to future customers (we ordered from vista print, because they are such a good deal).

9. We kept up with all expenses: Chick cost, feed, business cards, etc.  After the boys started selling eggs, we took out a little each week to pay for start up costs and for weekly feed.

10.  Enjoy watching your little entrepreneurs!

Our boys have really had a blast with thier chicken business.  We get around 2 dozen eggs a day.  If you have any questions about getting started, the business process or raising chickens, please ask.  We would love to hear from you!

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