Canoe Rentals on the Current and Jack’s Fork Rivers

So who are you going to canoe, raft, tube/kayak with this summer on the Current and Jack’s Fork Rivers?

Well, if you keep reading I will tell you who!  You have tons of options on these rivers and they are all really great people!  In fact, I have located 8 River Outfitters or Canoe Rentals on the Upper Current and Jack’s Fork tributary.  Now the only question is, which canoe rental will you choose?

Exclusive Eminence Float Trip List

Canoe Rentals

1. Akers Ferry located on the Current River. https://www.currentrivercanoe.com/

2. Carr’s Canoe Rental located on the Current River. http://www.carrscanoerental.com/

3. Current River Canoe Rental located on the Current River.  http://www.current-river.com/

4. Harvey’s Alley Springs located on the Jack’s Fork River. http://www.harveysalleyspring.com/

5. Jacks Fork Canoe Rental located on the Jacks Fork River. http://www.jacksforkcanoe.com/

6. Silver Arrow located on the Current River. http://www.silverarrowcanoe.com/

7. Two Rivers Canoe Rental located at the Fork of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. http://2riverscanoe.com/

8. Windy’s located on the Jacks Fork River. http://www.windyscanoe.com/

Shop shop.cowboyspecialist.com


Like I said before, these are really great people and the great thing about these family owned businesses is that they all take care of one another.  They may be in competition with each other, but they all help each other out.

They have friendly contests of who puts more in that day, they shake hands in the grocery store, help each other clean up after a flood and attend each others family weddings and funerals.  I am really proud to call the owners of all these canoe rentals my friends and family.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Now it is time to pick your float trip!  Here are the best floats by the season 😉

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

PS If you love the river you might want to follow up with a great read “I can hear current river cry” or if you are staying in Eminence near the trail ride you might want to check out where to shop and where to eat!

Canoe Rentals along the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers

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