The Best Float Trips by the Season

Have you ever wondered what would be the best float trip to see the leaves turn or when you could actually float a particular stretch of river? Well, I asked around and you’re in luck! Here are my families favorite floats by the season and river. As a bonus, I also added my dad’s favorite fishing stretches too!


Sinking Creek: Happy Holler (the low water crossing on 252) to the fork of current river.

Current River: Tan Vat put in to Akers Ferry or Cedar Grove to Akers

Jack’s Fork River: Prongs to 17 take out or 17 to Alley Springs

During the spring, with the extra rain, the creeks and rivers are usually a little fuller and you can take float trips that won’t be as easily floated in the summer.

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These summer float trips are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike! These are some of the post popular and heavily floated stretches on the river!

Current River: Akers to Pulltite, Akers to Round Springs or Round Springs to Two Rivers

Jack’s Fork River: Alley Springs to Eminence Take out or Eminence to Two Rivers


This is the best float trip to take when the leaves are on. The color going down the river just adds to the vibrance.

Current River: Williams Landing to Two Rivers


Want to take a snowy treck down the river to see the ice sicles hanging off the bluffs? Here is the perfect stretch to float…

Current River: Pulltite to Round Springs

Exclusive Eminence Float Trip List

First Bonus Moonlight Floats

Maybe you are interested in a little shorter float for some nighttime entertainment? It could be extremely romantic! Just saying ya’ll❤️

Current River: Sinking Creek to Round Springs and Welch Spring to Akers Ferry

Second Bonus Favorite Fishing Strips

Current River: Round Springs to Williams Landing, Williams Landing to Two Rivers and Two Rivers to Powder Mill

Jack’s Fork River: 17 to Bay Creek and Bay Creek To Alley

Hopefully this post helps you find your next float trip in the Ozarks! My family truly enjoys all of these; the river runs in my blood😉

Happy floating ya’ll and always, Bridget – the cowboy wife & river rat 😉

PS If you don’t have your own canoe you can check out these great places that can put you in the river! Local Canoe, Kayak, Raft, Tube and Paddle Board Rentals!

PPS If you like a little history you might enjoy this read “I Can Hear Current River Cry”! My wonderful mother wrote it.

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