Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags

Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags

We deal a lot in gifts in our C&L business stores and online and I have really cool gift paper at the store, but I just hadn’t found any gift tags that I just love. And I love wrapping gifts…does that sound weird? Oh well, I do! I feel like gifts can be a little simple work of art. So anyway, I decided to make my own gift tags, Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags that is!

I also got to thinking about how cost effective it would be to have ready made gift tags on my computer rather than having to run and buy them at the store. Not to mention that they run out and these can be printed over and over again!

In any event, I would to share my new, make my life easier, gift giving printable gift tags idea with you today! I think any horse lover would just love these vibrant tags with a little artsy flair 😉 I may be partial but I love them!

I think I may work on some cactus ones next (update: I made cactus gift tags) and maybe some matching greeting cards or thank you cards. Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see and I will try to come up with something…seriously love it when you guys leave comments and email me! But I regress…back to the gift tags 😉

Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags

To use the Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags

First purchase the tags using the printable download links below. (they only cost $3.99 to use over and over)

Download the printable tags to your computer.

Next, print the tags or you can upload them to your favorite photo lab (I often use amazon photo).

Last, you can now cut out your tags, punch a hole and use them to tag and wrap all your horse lover gifts!

I hope you love them as much as I do!!!

Get My Horse Lover Printable Gift Tags Now

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Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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