6 Reasons to Ride Along the River

I see people do it everyday! It may be because we are located just across the road from the river…nonetheless people ride along the river everyday! What makes everyone want to ride along the river? Well, I hashed it our with my horse riding brother-in-law, Shawn and we came up with six really good reasons too. 🙂

1. To Hear The Water Moving

It really is the most wonderful sound listening to the water running over the river rocks. The gurgling and flow. There is something just quite therapeutic about listening to the river, then you add in the sounds of the horse and you have heard a beautiful day.

2. You Can Take A Dip

While out riding in the summer, when you get super hot, you can just take a dip yourself and cool off. I can’t think of a better reason than this, but alas I am a river girl 😉

Does my saddle fit my horse?

3. Your Horse Can Get A Drink

Okay, maybe this is a better reason lol. But yes when riding on the river you can water your horse and in our spring feed rivers, I wouldn’t be scared to get a drink from any of the springs feeding it. I think it sounds like a great idea.

4. To Prove We Still Can

I guess what I’m trying to say is with all the governmental bureaucracy, riding along the river just to prove we can still just ride along the river is a pretty sound choice. I definitely don’t want to see the right to free ride along the river taken away. I think it is too important that our children see this countryside.

5. Cooler

Let’s face it, it is true! It is cooler by the water’s side. In fact, when the breeze comes off it on a hot summer’s day it feels amazing!

6. Wildlife

Last, but not least, riding along the river could just give you a better chance to see some wildlife. After all, we aren’t the only animals going to the river to get cooled of or get a drink!

Well, there you have it! My six favorite reasons to ride along the river are all listed here. If by chance you have another reason, I would love to make this post bigger. So, leave it in the comments below! And thanks for sharing in advance!


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