Top 5 Western Ring Styles for Cowboys/Cowgirls

Isn’t there just something rich and rustic about western cowboy jewelry? And, one of the most iconic pieces is a western ring. But, what makes a ring western? Well, these are the elements that I believe make a ring western…

I will start by saying that each ring does not have to have all of these elements to be a western ring. And, one of the elements I believe to be the most western. Is it hand engraving or a rope edge? An individual ring might have one of these elements or it might have 2 or 3 or all of the above. Likewise, a ring might have an element and not be western. However, more than likely it will be a cowboy or cowgirl style ring 🙂

Type of Metal

Lots of western rings are made out of Yellow or White Gold, however, Sterling Silver is one of the most popular metals in western ring creation. In addition to the popularity of silver copper holds its own in the western industry as well. In fact, there is something to be said about old cowboys wearing copper around their wrists for decades. Copper has wonderful healing properties. So, not only is it rustic and beautiful, it serves a purpose.

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Type of Edge

Some cowgirl rings will have a slick edge, however, a tell-tale sign that a ring is western is if it has a special edge. The most common edges are Rope and Bead. The rope and bead edge will come in varying sizes but it definitely will give a unique look to any ring. In addition, channel settings have become increasingly popular in modern western fashion.

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Let me tell you, overlays are the bomb! Because it’s totally western to wear your brand on your ring! And, if you don’t have a brand then your initials or a skull or a bucking horse will work just fine. Check out some of these examples…

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Type of Stone

The one stone that is iconically western is Turquoise, the color, and the stone in general. If you make it turquoise you make it western.

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Hand Engraving

And, the number one thing that makes a ring ultimately in the cowboy or cowgirl style is Western Hand Engraving. It can be a western bright cut or gun-style engraving, but I believe nothing else makes a ring more western than for it to be engraved. I also believe it makes a ring appear vintage and classic as well.

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Similarly, all these things make bracelets, earrings, pendants, toothpicks, and hat pins western too…Check them out here as well.

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