Handmade Turkey Call Difference

Guest Post by Charles Reese

Turkey hunting has been a lifelong passion for me. The first time I called a juvenile gobbler into gun range at the age of twelve with a hand me down caller I knew at some point I wanted to make my own call.

There are many different types of calls today. Some calls are for functionality, others are timeless works of art but all have the same purpose to call a wild turkey into range. I have always had a preference for friction calls of the slate and glass variety.

My experience has been that in the early season a glass call has a high pitch that tends to get a gobbler’s response quicker and at a greater range than the slate call. The slate call typically has more of a mellow sound that older more mature birds seem to respond to later in the season after having had hunting pressure throughout the season.

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Calls of the modern turkey hunter include many gimmicks and passing trends. As a hunter I have tried just about all of them on the market some with great success others without.

The Reese Game Call Difference

At Reese Game Calls, I strive for a call that has quality sound, ease of use, and functionality for the beginner or the turkey hunting veteran. Our calls are hand made with many variations for a unique and realistic turkey sound.

We offer three different levels of calls at this time.

  • An entry level call suited for beginners and youth it is a smaller call. It has a slate playing surface for a mellow tone.
  • A field series is a mid-size call for intermediate to seasoned hunters with playing surfaces that include glass, crystal, aluminum, and slate.
  • The signature series is a call that is a one of a kind unique call. It is made from exotic wood with playing surfaces of glass, crystal, aluminum, copper, slate, and ceramic playing surfaces matched with specific types of soundboards to produce sounds that are a step above any production call on the market today.

Guest Post by Chuck Reese

Chuck Reese is the owner and visionary of Reese Game Calls. Turkey hunting has been a way of life for him and his family. It was only appropriate for him to start his own business building an ideal turkey game call. You can check out his current available calls in the game shop. C&L Saddle shop also carries them in their store. Or, you can contact him for custom made calls as well. Please just let him know where you heard about him 😉

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