5 Reasons to buy C&L Custom Made/Handmade Products

Why would you buy C&L custom made or handmade products?

As I was pondering and going through ideas to write about, I stumbled on “why someone would want to buy your product.” Then it came to me. Why would someone choose to buy C&L custom made products over factory made products? I decided the best way to answer that question would be straight from our current customers!  Therefore, I needed to find out why they keep coming back for more, from us.

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So I decided to scope out Ryan’s Facebook and see what kind of information I could rummage up.  Here is what I found…

5 Customer Reviews

This is the second time I have taken a hard to fit horse to Ryan to have a saddle fitted. I could not be more pleased, thank you Ryan for your knowledge and the great workmanship. – Brenda

At C&L Ryan and the team take great pride in their workmanship and quality products as well as giving you a knowledgeable friendly buying experience.

Ryan is so talented you have to stop in and talk with him and see all that his store has to offer! My husband, Barry and I have so many wonderful items that Ryan has handcrafted including a pistol bit for my horse, Chester; silversmith work on a horse pendant for a necklace; a Ryan-made pair of exotic chinks…compliments galore when worn; a leather sheath custom made for a knife…the list goes on and on…Barry could live at Ryan’s…and I would be okay with it! – Cathy

Thanks Cathy and Barry, we love it when you come visit us!!

Met the guys in Vegas and finally made it over to the store . I bought a CL ranch roper and love the way it rides. Great quality and service . – Brad

No matter where we meet you we want you to enjoy great quality service!  We are here to help whether its in one of our stores, at a temporary booth or if we are communicating over the phone or the web.

I met these guys last year at the Midwest Horse Fair. They really go way above and beyond when it comes to customer service, particularly with saddle fitting. Great guys, gorgeous saddles!!! – Terri

Therefore, if you are having fitting problems, Ryan really is your guy.  He was featured on Sure in the Saddle on RFD TV with Steve Lanvit educating viewers on proper saddle fit.

Ryan and the guys are great!! They won’t pressure you to buy anything and they are very helpful!! Will definitely be back down to visit them!! – Taylor

The one thing we never want to do is pressure you into buying something you don’t want or need.  In fact, Ryan will actually deter you from buying something you don’t need.  We would rather have happy satisfied customers and friends.

But if you would like to check out his handmade products, you can do that at C&L Saddles and Tack online store.

Again, why would you buy custom made?  

Does my saddle fit my horse?

Because the possibilities are endless to what you can create in your mind and then we can build it for you.  I’m really not bragging, I’m actually really blessed in the jewelry department…my husband is a pretty talented craftsman.  (I love my jewelry honey!)

So why settle for kind of what you want that everyone else has, when you can have exactly what you want made…with a guarantee on workmanship.  I think you will enjoy the process and the results.


Bridget – the cowboy wife

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