5 Ways YOU Can Help Flood Victims Along The River

Come BACK…

5 Ways YOU Can Help Flood Victims

Ultimately, coming back to visit is the biggest thing you can do to help our flood victims.

You might think that coming back would only help the businesses that were affected by the flood.  This is just not the case.  When you look at our small tourist communities as a whole, you can see that everyone is affected by tourism.

The couple down the road that lost their home in the flood is supported by driving a school bus.  That school bus is, however, filled with children of parents who work at trail rides, canoe rentals, hotels, restaurants and gift shops that make their money by taking care of our tourists.  So without the money from tourism, they wouldn’t have a job.  Therefore, coming back and visiting helps all the victims.

1.  STAY…

When you come back, we would love for you to stay.  Many of our camp grounds are still functioning and several hotels are undamaged.  Plus, everyone is quickly working to get everything back in tip top shape as soon as possible.  

So, my suggestion would be just call ahead. (They have already lost monetarily, because they have had to rebuild.  Let’s keep them vibrant by showing them our love by staying and enjoying the Ozarks.)

2. EAT…

Driving into a a small country town on the river with a population sign that says 600 to 1000, wouldn’t make you expect to find 5 or 6 restaurants.  But, when it is a tourist town, locals plan to feed the masses.  Tourist towns tend to house 2000 to 5000 people in a weekend, thus 5 or more restaurants.  

Using them will help the flood victims!  They might just be your waitress or cook or the owner.  Bless them with your presence.  🙂 They would love to have you.

3. SHOP…

Local business owners would love to see you come in, they are always excited to show you what is new!


Be sure to check out all the fun renovations and how the rivers have changed.  After a flood, you can always find new gravel bars and different currents.  It’s exciting.

5 Ways YOU Can Help Flood Victims Along The River
Alley Springs Mill…a great place to explore.

5. POST…

Don’t forget to post your pics of your adventure!  Facebook, twitter, and instagram will let your fiends and hopefully their friends know that Missouri and Arkansas are still open…

Come see us!

PS If you haven’t already, we would love for you to sign up as a Cowboy Specialist member.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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