How to ride a horse: simply stated.

How to ride a horse: through the eyes of a six year old.

Simply stated, even though this is an explanation from a six year old horse rider, everything is actually spot on and true.  Therefore, I couldn’t resist sharing how to ride a horse.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Does my saddle fit my horse?

How to ride a horse, by Rein Liggett

1.  Here is how to get on.  Put one foot into the stirrup and bale on.

2.  Don’t let go of the reins.

3. If your horse runs, don’t get scared. Pull back.

4.  Here is what you need to do.  You need a good saddle that won’t tear or roll over.

5. Try to get good at it.

6. The most important thing to do is have fun.

What would you do if you were on a horse?

Don’t forget to take a break and get a drink, before you bale back on- Rein, age 6

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In conclusion

Pretty sound advice huh?  I thought so!  So next time I go riding, since all the men in my life are more experienced horseman than me, I’m going to try to listen to this simply stated riding advice.  I really liked the don’t get scared!

Hope you have a glorious week and if you need some more encouragement to get out there and ride you might want to check out our Don’t Just Sit On the Fence Post.   We hope you all saddle up this weekend.

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