Quick Easy 3 Steps to Turn Your Stirrups and Save Your Knees

Do your knees hurt when you ride? Or is there just too much pressure on your knees? But maybe you just don’t know how to twist and wrap your fenders. Well, we have a quick and easy trick to turn your stirrups and save your knees!

I actually got Ryan to film a video for you guys! It is the step by step awesome tip on how to turn your stirrups, which will save your knees!

Watch it below…

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How to Turn Your Stirrups

Step 1: Remove the stirrup hobble, pull the blevens buckle up, undo the fender.

Step 2: Remove the blevins buckle, turn it around and slide it back on. Now hook the fender to the opposite side of the stirrup leathers. Slid the blevins buckle back into place.

Step 3: Put the stirrup hobble back on!

Whoohooo they are turned and your knees are going to thank you!

Live without regrets ya’ll!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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