Saddle Care: 4 Things You Should Always Do

Four things to do for your saddle to make it last longer.

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Basic saddle care can be simple and painless.  Here is how…

1. Clean

Its a good idea to clean your saddle around four times a year, depending on how much you use it and where you store it.  Cleaning your saddle is the basis of saddle care. We use Saddle soap or Murphy’s Oil soap at the shop, and we really like the results we get.

2. OIL

Oil is your friend.  There are many different types of oil out there, but I like to stick with all natural.  I am a big fan of pure Neatsfoot oil.  This is what we use at our shop.  However, any natural oil is a good idea, because it will keep your leather conditioned and young.

3. Inspect

If you question it, replace it! Here is where you will want to check your riggins and tie straps.  Make sure you don’t see any tears or rips.  In addition, check your wool to be sure there isn’t anything buried up in there that could aggravate your horses back. Next check your stirrup leathers.  Pull down on them. Roll them around.  Make sure they are in good working order. Make sure your blevins buckles are fitting well in the holes and have not stretched or torn your stirrup leathers.

4. Don’t forget the Details

When you are transporting your saddle always attach the girt and the back girt to the carriers.  They were put there for a reason.

So, as you can see, saddle care can be easy.  Just follow a checklist and the results will be a lot less trouble on the trail.

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Here is to happy trails and saddles!

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Saddle Care: 4 Things You Should Always Do For Your Saddle

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