Discover 5 Jalapeno Tools that will change how you cook

Do you love to eat jalapenos? But they are just super hard to cook or work with? Like how do you hull them well and make them stand up? How do you not burn yourself every time you touch you face because you can’t get rid of the jalapeno juice from your hands. Well, keep reading to discover 5 jalapeno tools that will change the way you cook with jalapenos forever!!!

Also, if you are looking for jalapeno recipes…here are our top 5 recipe choices!

My number one favorite Jalapeno tool!

Charcoal Companion CC3092 Jalapeno Corer

This is the actual jalapeno corer that we use at our house and we love it. It does a nice job cleaning out the jalapenos in one fell twist.

BBQ-Aid Jalapeno Grill Rack with Handles

I love this grill rack! First it holds 36 jalapenos, which is great! When we cook peppers we usually make up a big mess of them! It can also be used on the grill or in the oven. I like to use my roast setting when making jalapeno poppers.

Your must have most important Jalapeno Tool!

Industrial Disposable Gloves – Textured, Powder-Free, Non-Sterile

These are a must have in my kitchen especially for dealing with jalapenos! I like them to be easy and disposable, so that I don’t have to worry about passing on the pepper juice to my kids or to my other foods. Seriously, a must have!!!

Red Cooper Ceramic Coated Cookie Sheet 

If you are going to roast or bake jalapenos in the oven, then you are going to need a great non stick pan for when a jalapeno loses its cheese. About a year ago I got my first red cooper and I’m sold!!

King Kooker JS12 Jalapeno Stuffer

Is this not the greatest thing you have seen? It is a jalapeno stuffer and it comes with the tool to push the yummy goodness into the pepper! So you basically mix up your cheese and seasonings and then use this handy tool to stuff! Super stoked about this one

Jalapeno Tool Conclusion

These are my favorite jalapeno tools on the market! I hope they help you cook just as much as they help me! Happy Pepper Poppin!

Live without regrets ya’ll!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

PS Don’t forget to grab some toothpicks too! That way you can bacon wrap…because everything is better with bacon!

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