6 Ways To Prevent Girth Sores

Does your horse get sores around the girth? Looking for a solution on how to prevent girth sores? Keep reading to learn how preconditioning and a few simple steps can prevent these sores from happening.

A common problem here at the saddle shop is horses that are not conditioned.  I know life is busy, so I totally understand finding time to ride.  Many people come here and have their trips cut short because of problems arising from their horse’s condition.

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Customers often come in the shop wondering what to do about girth sores.  A horse that has not been ridden then goes to a trail ride in July to the heat and humidity is a prime candidate for girth sores.  Horses are no different than us.  If we don’t run but wake up one morning and jog 3 miles sore muscles and blisters are to be expected.  Customers blame these problems on girths, poor fitting saddles, the horse shoer, etc….  These problems can often be avoided by taking a few steps.

How To Prevent Girth Sores

1.  Precondition your horse before coming to a place and riding 6-8 hours a day. Try to ride or at least saddle your horse a few times a week for a few hours. 

2.  Start this conditioning 3-4 weeks prior to leaving for the trip.

3.  Start adding electrolytes to your horses water 3-4 weeks in advance. GET YOUR DIY ELECTROLYTE RECIPE HERE!

4.  Wash Girths frequently to prevent salt and dirt build up.

5.  Wash Pads

6.  Ride as often as possible.

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Remember your horse is an athlete and athletes train in advance. If you were interested in this post you might also be interested in our Tack Series and Saddle Series. Also, let us know if you have any questions by commenting on the end of this post.

Happy Riding – Ryan

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