Let’s Talk Saddles Series

When you think about riding your horse you probably think about a saddle first when you think of the gear you want. In fact, our most read posts on our blog are about saddles and then tack. Subsequently, everything else come next. Well, maybe not food lol.

So, in any event I decided to put all of our saddle posts together in a “Let’s Talk Saddle Series”, because we do like to talk about saddles. We like to know about all kinds of different types of saddles. I hadn’t realized how many posts we already had.

Also, we will be adding any new saddle posts here as well, so keep checking back 😉

Does my saddle fit my horse?

Lets Talk Saddle Trees

Saddle Trees Most saddles, but not all, are made with the base.  The base of most saddles is a saddle tree.  First, there are aREAD MORE »

Lets talk Mule Saddles

Lets talk mule saddles I have seen the topic of mule saddles turn into a heated debate a lot.  I had some Mule Riders comeREAD MORE »

Let’s Talk About Ranchers

What is a Rancher? Ranchers are saddles preferred by most cowboys that spend long hours in the saddle. They are built and reinforced in asREAD MORE »

Let’s Talk About Flex Tree Saddles

What is a Flex Tree? A flex tree saddle is built with a tree that typically has a dual-bar system which is intended to provideREAD MORE »

Saddle Care: 4 Things You Should Always Do

Four things to do for your saddle to make it last longer. Basic saddle care can be simple and painless.  Here is how… 1. CleanREAD MORE »

Does My Saddle Fit My Horse? 4 Basic Steps

Saddle Fit: Keep It Simple People travel all over the country to bring their horses to our shop to have them properly fitted to a READ MORE »

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Hope you found something useful! And, If you would like for us to write about a particular saddle, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! Because, we would love to hear what you are looking for.

Happy Riding!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

Let's Talk About Saddles Series

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