Let’s Talk About Ranchers

What is a Rancher?

Ranchers are saddles preferred by most cowboys that spend long hours in the saddle. They are built and reinforced in as many ways as possible. In addition, ranchers are usually hard seat saddles and made for long hours of riding and hard use.

There is no set standard for ranchers, but an association tree with a 5 inch cantle is usually the norm in the Midwest through Texas while a wade or A-fork will be more prevalent throughout the northwest and California. What makes a Ranch Saddle is all personal choice when it comes to the swells and cantle height, but comfort and durability are the main priorities.

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The Benefits of a Ranch Saddle

Ranch saddles are usually very comfortable, made with heavier leather, and the bars of the trees tend to be larger to give more strength. The bars are also larger and wider to provide for more weight dispersion and comfort for the animal. As a result, these saddles are made for years of durability and to withstand any trials the cowboy may encounter. They are made to spend long hours riding fence and to withstand the pressure of heavy roping and ranch work.

The Down Side of a Ranch Saddle

Ranch saddles will tend to be quite a bit heavier, which may be a problem for shorter riders and those with trouble lifting a saddle. Basically, if you can’t get your saddle on your horse it doesn’t matter how comfortable it is. Another problem for some riders is the higher cantle. For example, some riders experience trouble trying to get their leg over the cantle when mounting.

Does my saddle fit my horse?

When do we question a Rancher for a rider?

I often question customers on their needs and abilities when they are choosing a ranch saddle. For example, if they are looking for a lighter weight saddle or have hip problems a rancher may not be their best choice. In these cases, I may show them a strip down ranch saddle with inskirt riggings and less weight to get the look they are going for without the weight.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a full time Cowhand to own a rancher. I have many customers that don’t own cows or rope that love the look of a rancher. In the end, your purchase should always be made on what you want and your personal needs as a rider.


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