Let’s Talk Tack Series

Besides your saddle, the next thing everyone wonders what to purchase or what kind to get is in the tack category. Simply, what tack do I need? For instance, “what kind of bit should I ride?” or “Do I need a one ear or a brow band headstall?”. There are lots of other questions, which is why we are starting our “Let’s talk tack series”!

It is a living document so we will add to it as we discuss different types of tack! In other words, come back and visit us, because you never know what we might add! Happy reading ya’ll!

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Let’s talk about your Cinch

Let’s talk about your Cinch A common question I get in the saddle shop is “what kind of girth or cinch works best?”.  Well, there READ MORE»

Straight from the Horses Mouth…or Horses Teeth

Is your horse talking to you? A common problem that people have when they come into the shop is Bits.  They are looking to purchase READ MORE »

The first steps to finding your favorite bit

Finding Your Favorite Bit So your struggling to find your favorite bit?  Maybe you have tried several different kinds? But you still aren’t getting the READ MORE »

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Hope you found something useful in our Tack Series! And, If you would like for us to write about a particular piece of tack, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! Because, we would love to hear what you are looking for.

Happy Riding!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

PS You might want to check out our “Let’s Talk Saddle Series” too!

Let's Talk Tack Series

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