Straight from the Horses Mouth…or Horses Teeth

Is your horse talking to you?

A common problem that people have when they come into the shop is Bits.  They are looking to purchase a new bit, because their horse slings their head or fights getting bridled.  The first question I have is have you had their horses teeth checked.  More often than not they say no.  

Horses are no different than us when it comes to pain tolerance.  If the cold bothers your teeth, every time you are offered ice cream you refuse.  It is no different for your horse, if the experience of the bit is painful.  So many times when he is hard to bridle, tooth pain may be the underlying cause.

The same can be said if your horse has a sharp tooth or a sore tooth.  It could be rubbing them wrong or making a sore in their mouth.  They will  try to do whatever they can do to get away from the pain.  Just like when you have a sore in your mouth you might eat on the opposite side.  So every time that bit puts pressure on that sore spot he will sling his head to get away from the pain.

Check Your Horses Teeth

My point is if you are struggling with a horse that acts uncomfortable or fights you, you might want to go straight to the horses mouth before you spend a bunch of money on bits.  You might want to consider first having their teeth checked by a professional and floated if needed.  Making them a happier horse and you a happier rider.

Straight from the horses mouth...or teeth

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