Help us save the Church at Akers Missouri!

Does preserving our historical buildings speak to you? Does protecting those precious church buildings speak to you? Or what about a building that has unique masonry that only still exists in few places, indigent of our area? We would love to save the church that is historical. precious and unique to the Ozarks. If this speaks to you, we would love for you to keep reading!

The Church

The Mt. Zion Community Church building stands on the hill above Akers Ferry south of Devil’s Back Bone on K Highway.  The land for the church was donated by the late George and Jane Purcell in the late 30’s.   The families of the community (Purcell’s, Dooley’s Ferguson’s, Summers Hodges, Farris, Maggard’s Riley’s, Stringers Terrill’s, etc.) built the beautiful native rock building in order to provide a place for them to worship God, and have community gatherings.   This beautiful building is the last remaining reminder that Akers Missouri was once a flourishing and vibrant community

The building now belongs to the Park Service. They do routine maintenance on the building but do not have funds to do major repairs. The roof needs replaced and the foundation has a crack.  We need to raise $30,000.00 to be able to do these repairs.   

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Who We Are at “Friends of Mt. Zion”

We are the descendants and friends of the families who built the church building.  It is our desire to protect and preserve the building to be used as a spiritual retreat and inspiration point as originally intended. Six years Community members were given the opportunity to use the building again after 50 years.  We have a Christmas Celebration and Akers Celebration annually.  At a recent Akers Celebration on May 19th, visitors sang songs and had prayer.  December 15th, 2019 will be our sixth Christmas Celebration where we have a special service, sing Christmas carols and share Christmas goodies and finger foods.

Our Goal: Save The Church

Our goal is to use the building for gatherings, reunions, worship services, etc.  This church building is a positive symbol that stands for our Ozark Mountain Culture…    

Please help us protect and preserve the Mt Zion Community Church at Akers, Missouri.

For further information or to send donations please contact:

Judy Maggard Stewart, 573-247-8706

Coordinator for the “Friends of Mt. Zion

19159 State Highway 19

Eminence MO  65466

[email protected]

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