Love, Friendship & Random Acts of Kindness

It is Bow and Arrow Day…

Or I am sure that is how my little cowboys would really like to see it, instead of all love and mushy gushy right.  But what do I want Valentine’s day to be about?  I have decided love, friendship and random acts of kindness.

I think many a cowboy performs these random acts on a regular day.  But, in the heart of the country, what is a random act of kindness?

  1. Coffee with your neighbor.
  2. Saying yes ma’am and no ma’am (or yes sir and no sir)
  3. Pulling out a chair for your date.
  4. Opening the car door for your wife or date.
  5. Complimenting your mother-in-law.
  6. Taking food to a sick friend.
  7. Feeding your neighbor’s animals while they are away.
  8. Telling your dad you love them.
  9. Rocking on the front porch before Church.
  10. Making your mom handmade chocolate covered strawberries, because she is a chocoholic.
  11. Taking an apple to your horse for a treat.
  12. Playing catch with your dog, or letting him ride in the cab.
  13. Playing a game with your kids.
  14. Praying to Jesus for your friends, family and neighbors.
  15. Delivering handmade cards or gifts to the senior citizen center. 🙂 (They really love that).
Love, Friendship & Random Acts of Kindness

I think bow and arrow day should be about the little things.  You know, spreading kindness.  The feel good, give me warm fuzzies inside, I’m so proud I did that kind of day.  Just a little inspiration to get you through the month or just the day!  I hope you have a very happy Bow and Arrow Valentines Day.

So with no further ado, go throw kindness around like confetti!  It is a beautiful day for a ride!

I would love to hear your random acts of kindness ideas!  Love forward to hearing from you…



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