How to save money on your favorite Twisted X shoes

Would you like to save $30.00 on the Western Industries best selling casual shoe by Twisted X Boots?

Do you love Twisted X? Well, if you are a female that wears size 9 or under you certainly can receive those savings (so keep reading), but maybe you are a guy.  Here is your opportunity to buy an amazing gift for that special lady (mom, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter) in your life and keep some extra cash in your wallet.

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As the owner of Lucky Six Outfitters,  a western clothing store, I have helped handfuls of women with this very same shoe hack I’m getting ready to share with you.

Do you like or wear Twisted X driving mocs? Maybe you haven’t ever heard of them.

Let me tell you a little bit about them. Twisted X has built a business creating “comfortable handcrafted footwear,” which is why they re number one in the industry in casual shoes.

My personal favorite part is that they come in all leather and have a machine washable footbed. (No more stinky feet!) In addition,  over the last few years,  their styles and options have tripled.  They come in tons of color options, bright and bold patterns, fringe or basic tan roughout. As a result, the fashion possibilities are endless.

All the time, I have customers come into the store to check out the mocs.  They aren’t always looking to buy, but they often go ahead and try them on anyway.  They absolutely can’t believe how comfortable they are, not to mention cute and stylish.  Once they are tried on, it almost always guarantees a sale.

How To Save

Traditionally, these adult shoes cost between $90.00 and $125.00.  If you are shopping in he kids department however, they will run you around $65.00 and $80.00. That is quite a significant price difference.

This is a great money saving hack, so I’ve been collecting data on my customers sizing.  I personally wear a size 8.5 in ladies footwear, but guess what-I wear a youth 5.5 in Twisted X driving mocs.  Why?, you might ask.

★Twisted X makes their youth boots and shoes on a men’s shoe last. This means that the youth shoes run on the men’s shoe size chart.

★ Twisted X boots and shoes tend to always run at least one size too big.

★Twisted X shoes are all leather, so they stretch.

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Therefore,  when purchasing a driver (and I recommend you do, your feet will love you for it) in the youth section of a store you will want to try on a driving moc 3 sizes smaller than your ladies size.  For example, a 7.5 lady would wear a 4.5 youth moc.

Let me clarify,  ladies wearing size 9 shoes or down (size 5-9) can purchase an amazing high quality shoe in the youth department and save around $30.00 in the process.   So what are you waiting for,  go check out these amazing shoes out in the kid section at  shop.cowboyspecialist.com.

In addition, Twisted X just came out with an infant/toddler line of drivers that are just adorable…you can check them out too!

How to save on Twisted X Driving Mocs

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