Why You Should Buy Anderson Bean Boots

Would you rather wear a pair of boots on a Friday night? Or maybe Sunday morning calls for a pair of boots too? And maybe your work attire calls for boots as well? Well, if this is you than this is why you should invest in a pair of Anderson Bean boots.

Does my saddle fit my horse?

#1 Made in America (Texas that is)

Anderson Bean Boot company is proud to declare that they make handmade boots right in the heart of Texas. So, my number one reason to buy Anderson Bean Boots is frankly they are made in America! I personally feel great when I know I am supporting the American people, whether that be a middle sized company, a huge company or my neighbor down the road. American made is priceless to me.

#2 Lifetime Purchase

Are you like oh my gosh, I can’t spend that much on boots? Well, this is a what I would like to call a lifetime purchase. You can wear these boots down to the numbs on the bottom and then send them back to the company to be resoled. It does cost a small fee, but they come back with new soles and reconditioned. They look great! Now you can start all over again. These boots really can be with you for the rest of your lifetime.

#3 Conversation Starter

Anderson Bean Boot Company strives for every boot they produce to be a conversation starter. They are hip and stylish, but with cowboy grit. They are sure to start a conversation with their unique leather options and classic cowboy look.

#4 Exotic Options

Speaking of conversation starter…Anderson Bean does a wonderful job finding unique hides to build their all leather boots out of. They are known for their full quill ostrich, big bass fish, elephant, giraffe and Caiman options. Each one is carefully curated with the perfect finishes and extra touches through stitch patterns and details.

#5 Quality

This may actually be redundant, as I mentioned earlier that my favorite part was that these boots are made in America, but the quality factor here is my #1 and #5 reason why you should purchase a pair of Anderson Bean Boots if you are in the market. They truly stand behind their product. If you have an issue with craftsmanship, they will fix it.

I also love that this is a family oriented business with high morals that I have experienced first hand while working with them as a retailer and AB boot owner. Here are some of my favorites…

Happy Boot Shopping Ya’ll

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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