Let’s Talk Headstalls: Choosing the right headstall

What is your favorite headstall? What kind is going to work best with my horse? Let’s talk about choosing the right headstall!

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Slit Ear Headstalls

I am partial to a Slit Ear personally, but that is because I don’t like to take the time for a throat latch, yes I am lazy lol.  I like them because they are pretty universal in fitting lots of horses.  The downside is that I have had some horses that could shake or rub them off.  That has made for a long walk home once or twice.

Browband Headstalls

Browband headstalls are great, but horses with large brows can sometimes get rubbed. 

Sliding Ear Headstalls

Sliding ear headstalls are also a great addition to anyone’s tack room and they can be made with a throat latch as well.

Other things to consider when choosing a Headstall

One thing to consider is the length of the cheek plates.  If you have a small-headed horse you don’t want the buckles in their eyes. 

I also consider the horse’s head when I am selecting a headstall.  If my horse has a pretty head I will select a smaller headstall to show it off.  If my horse has a big head I may go with a wider headstall to downplay his features. 

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My final decision is always based on function and what best suits the horse I am riding that day.  I am attaching some links to some of our favorite headstalls so you can take a look and let me know what you think.

Slit Ear Example

Browband Example

Sliding Ear Example

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See you in the saddle, Ryan

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