How To Create Mouth Watering Cowboy Hash

Cowboy Hash, also referred to as hillbilly hash, is something I have watched my husband eat for breakfast for several years, before I ever got the nerve up to try it myself.  Ironically, now it is one of my favorite things to eat for dinner-yes, I just love breakfast for dinner, especially when it is cowboy hash.

How To Create Mouth Watering Cowboy Hash

There are many different ways to make and serve cowboy hash, but I am going to teach you the way we fix it at our home.  Plus, it is a very forgiving dish (I’m truly not sure if it ever turns out exactly the same way twice), but it is one dish that makes my mouth water every time.

Can you say Cheese? Cowboy Hash: The Perfect Breakfast for Dinner

  1.  First, you throw some sausage in the skillet on medium low, crumble and cook thru.
  2. Throw in some potato’s (cubes or slices), onions, bell peppers, corn, sweet peppers and/or mushrooms.  Usually, we throw in what ever we have in the pantry.
  3. Season to taste (salt, pepper, garlic, seasoning salt, etc)
  4. Cover and let cook thru (til potatoes and vegetables are soft)
  5. Once the potatoes are soft, crack 6 eggs (or more depending on your liking) over the top of your mixture.
  6. Recover and let the eggs cook thru. (Many skip this step and cook the eggs separate.  Then they serve them fried at the end over the top of the hash.  We prefer ours in the hash.)How To Create Mouth Watering Cowboy Hash
  7. Mix together when the eggs are cooked.
  8. Cover with Cheese (We really like the Mexican Style).How To Create Mouth Watering Cowboy Hash
  9. Turn burner off and let it melt.


When the cheese is melted, it is ready to be served.  This dish will feed at least six and that is being modest.  Cowboy Hash is a great meal for a large group, because it feeds the masses.

Your mouth will love you for this.  Soul food is comfort food and we want you to have that feel good feeling too!

How To Create Mouth Watering Cowboy Hash

You might want to go ahead and throw a pan of bacon in the oven for a beautiful pairing!  My boys also enjoy the usually biscuits and gravy with this meal….but I would be fine with the hash alone.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Eating – Always, Bridget

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Can you say Cheese? Cowboy Hash: The Perfect Breakfast for Dinner

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  1. This is so funny but we just made this tonight! lol I use spinach leaves and feta cheese in mine tho. I have to scoot a little to the side of the skillet and make it separately bc chris doesn’t like feta cheese.


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