How To Get Your Green On-Western Style

How To Get Your Green On-Western Style

Spring is here and the plants are budding.  Specks of green are shooting up all around us.  Green is decorating our trees, yards and hillsides.

Fresh beginnings fill the air.

St. Patrick’s day is almost here, too!  Green clovers, leprechaun suits, food coloring, shirts, buttons and pins fill the stores and online sites.  Oh, how I love green and how it makes me feel- fresh, crisp, clean, and rejuvenated.

This time of year, when green takes over our world, made me think-What is green in our western world?

Here is what I found:

  • Ropes!  Classic Ropes and kids ropes!  In March when you are outside practicing on the roping dummy, you could be using your very own Green Rope.  Happy green roping!How To Get Your Green On-Western Style
  • Halters! You don’t have to be the only one not getting pinched.  What about your poor horse, they need some green too.
  • Lead Ropes!
  • Medicine Bags!  We just love our C&L Saddle custom medicine bags.  They come in many colors.  Some are simple and some come painted with designs.  Right now though I’m in love with the green ones.
  • Saddle Pads!  They come in green Aztec designs, simple patterns and bright geometric shapes, all featuring green.
  • Sleazy Sleepwear For Horses!How To Get Your Green On-Western Style
  • Splint Boots for your horse!
  • Camouflage Muck Boots in Adult, Youth and Kids! Great for hunting, mucking in the barn or looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
  • Boots!!!!!
  • Handmade and Hand painted scabbards….featuring nature’s very own green.How To Get Your Green On-Western Style
  • Case knifes in bright and dark green…who knew!

Who Knew?

So many western products come in my favorite color green!  In case you didn’t know, green is my favorite color year round.  In fact, Rios of Mercedes Boot Company custom made me a pair of tall top GREEN boots.  They are my favorite and they go with almost everything in my closet.

Green gives off the feeling of calmness, nature and simplicity. If you want to feel this feeling, add some green to your closet or decor, you might even want to bring some plants inside.

Green is so versatile.  I’m so glad green comes in such a wide variety of shades and colors.  It is that time of year, to pick your favorite shade…so go through your closet and find your green, or, if you must, venture online or go to the store, but ultimately…GET YOUR GREEN ON!

Happy Green Spring Ya’ll!


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