10 Things You Could Do During Your Stay-cation

10 Things You Could Do During Your Stay-cation

What is a STAY-Cation?

A stay-cation is where you take a vacation, but you stay home instead.

10 Things You Could Do During Your Stay-cation

We always talk about it, but never seem to actually get to have one.  But this year during our vacation week, we are staying home.  Hence, we are having a Stay-cation.  So now the real question is what are we going to do?  Here are ten ideas of what you could do during a stay-cation.  Hopefully, we get several accomplished.

Ten Stay-cation Ideas

  1. Build a Fire Pit
  2.  Build a rock bench around the fire pit you just finished.
  3. Check the fences
  4. Set up a better catch pen for your cattle…so you can get your father in-law off your back 🙂
  5.  Start or Finish a Bunk House for Guests
  6. Mulch the Garden
  7. Swim Everyday…yes I said everyday
  8. Go For Rides (Horses, Jeep, Four Wheelers, Mules, Side By Sides) Get out there and enjoy where you live.
  9. Landscape your property
  10. On the porch…enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a cold beverage at night.

Here is too a beautiful stay-cation, cheers!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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