What to gift a Cowboy for Christmas?

It is the most wonderful time of the year! The hustle and bustle of holiday cheer and season’s blessings…but what do you gift a cowboy for Christmas? This is a question I ask myself every year 🙂

So with no further ado, here are my suggestions from experience!

#5 Anything Branded or Personalized

This gift idea shows you put some thought into the gift! And, what cowboy isn’t attached to his brand? This is one of my favorite ideas and here are some examples: (but I can think of tons of things to put brands on…cups, coozies, book covers, wallets, etc)

#4 The latest and greatest Western Apparel

Did you know there could be so many apparel brands out there? The “in” brands to go to are Kimes Ranch, Hooey, Cinch, Tuff, Stetson Roper, Panhandle, and Wyoming Traders. Just click the links to get some ideas of which one is right for your cowboy. And, here are some examples:

#3 Custom or Personalized Knives

Men in general and especially cowboys love their knives. They use them and tend to collect them. They especially like a good one and all different kinds. I’m not really sure what it is about, but it is sure to be a hit! Want to really rock their world? Have it engraved or personalized into a one of a kind. Want hand engraving? Call 573.226.3547 Or go all in and get them a handmade knife! Examples below:

#2 To heck with the boot, Give me a cowboy shoe!

Have you heard of Hey Dudes? or Twisted X drivers? or Roper Chukkas? Well, this gift will be sure to make your cowboy’s feet and heart happy…Stylin’, profilin’ and feelin’ fine! Seriously, an easy and awesome gift! Check out these styles here:

#1 Leather is totally a Cowboy Gift

What is one thing you think of when you think of a cowboy? Boots, hat, rope, horse…..leather! Just about anything leather….saddle, tack, wallet, knife sheath, gun holster, cell phone case, grill apron, chaps, chinks, shoeing chaps, laptop case, briefcase, bible cover, etc, etc, etc! Check out these ideas:

Hope you were able to find an awesome gift idea for your cowboy, because we are all wondering what to gift a cowboy lol

Happy shopping and happy gifting!

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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