Favorite Western New Year Cowboy Resolutions

Cowboy & Cowgirl New Year Resolutions

It is a new year, a clean slate, fresh beginnings in the air and new year resolutions on our mind…cowboy resolutions that is!  Horse people are just a bit different don’t you think?  I tend to think so, we have similar and yet different things on our minds.  Therefore, the priority list for the new year is a tad bit unusual for the equine enthusiast.

Our Top Ten Favorite Resolutions for the New Year

10. Don’t bring home horses unless I have the field space open or the barn ready.

9. Keep the Trailer Clean!

8.  Spend more time at the barn.

7.  If it isn’t rewarding, I’m not going to do it.

6.  I won’t forget to worm!

5.  I will exercise my horse and have him ready for riding season…I will exercise too.

4.  Keep the Tack and Saddles clean and organized…better than last year.

3.  Explore more (new) places!

2.  Feed on Time.

And Number 1.  Ride More…..and therefore smile more!

It is that time of year…

Before we know it spring will be here and riding season will be here too.  Spring brings warm weather, trail rides, day rides and rodeos.  So glad I made my resolutions now so that this riding season will be better than ever.

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Western New Year Cowboy Resolutions

Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife

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