Top 5 Cowboy Specialist blog posts: The Beginning

2017 marks the beginning of the Cowboy Specialist blog and it has been a fun ride.  The adventure began when I received an email about taking an online course, Elite Blog Academy.  It has truly been an adventure and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.  So with no further ado…

Here are the Top 5 Cowboy Specialist blog posts for 2017


When it Rains it Pours, Especially in Missouri During The April 2017 Flood

When it Rains it Pours Until this month and since I was growing up, I loved a good flood.  It was exciting.  My parents would drive us around and take pictures.  We would talk about what happened last time and question if this one would be bigger than the…


The people behind the American Made Brand HR Saddles & Tack

You might have met Hud Roberts of HR Saddlery located in Farmersville, Texas, but more than likely you haven’t heard his company’s American roots story. The Brand The brand has been built upon a made in America standard.  Quality made saddles and tack at a reasonable price.  This is…


Can you teach your horse to ride with hay string and bubble gum?

How Often Do You Ride? Almost daily I have someone come into my shop looking for that special saddle, bit, pad or perfect combination of tack to make their horse ride better. I usually start off with the same question “How often do you ride?”  Most of the time…


Let’s Talk About Flex Tree Saddles

What is a Flex Tree? A flex tree saddle is built with a tree that typically has a dual-bar system which is intended to provide both stability and flexibility in the saddle. Ideally, then the horse is able to move under the saddle, because it has a flexible tree…


Where to Stay in the Ozarks (near Eminence, MO) with a horse

We would love to come ride in Eminence, but where do we park our trailers or stay with our horses? Fortunate for you, there are lots of options for where to stay.  Our sign on our courthouse lawn says, “Come Stay A Day or a Lifetime in Shannon Country.”…

We would love to hear from you about which one was your favorite or what you would like to hear about in the future!  We are planning on 2018 being the best year yet.  May it bring you and us many blessings!

Don’t forget to pick out your years cowboy resolutions too!  New year, new you 😉

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