How To Stretch Your Boots

Are your boots a little too tight over your arch? Maybe you have a wide foot or bunions, and they are a little too tight around the widest part of your foot? Want to know how to stretch your boots so that you can walk in comfort? Here are the simple steps to stretch your boots.

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What You Will Need

*Boot Stretch/or Alcohol

*Spray Bottle

*Boot Stretchers/or material dense enough to stuff a boot

Let me explain, first of all we don’t want to leave water spots or stain our boots during the stretching process. So, you can buy boot stretch or you can just buy rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle.

In addition, you will either need boot stretchers or material to stuff your boots with during the stretching process.

Boot Stretching Steps

#1 Spray down the area of the boot that is too tight, liberally with either boot stretch spray or your alcohol spray.

#2 Either crank your boot stretchers to the desired position/stretch or stuff your boots with material til you feel that they are stretched enough to provide you comfort.

#3 Now, you will want to let the boots sit on the stretchers or stuffed ideally 24 hours or until they are dry.

After you have stretched your boots, try them on and see how they feel. If they are stretched enough you are good to go. If they still feel tight you can do the process again. Sometimes we have to do the process multiple times in order to get them to the desired width for our comfort.

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Now you know the steps to properly stretch a pair of boots and prevent water spots and staining. We hope this post helps you make your boots more comfortable. And, we hope it served you well.

Thanks for reading!

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